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Terre di Toscana – la valle del Serchio – Alessandro Puccinelli

The ex Scatolifico Corsonna – the cardboard factory in Castelvecchio Pascoli which closed in 2011 with the loss of 89 jobs and was then taken over by Idrotherm 2000 three years later, had been earmarked for an art event for more than a decade by a group of artists in Barga.

Not actually the factory itself but the long bare block wall surrounding the factory which lent itself to maybe an interesting site for possible murals.

The years passed and apart from the odd graffiti nothing was ever finalised – that is up until last year when a series of exhibitions under the name of the Talking Wall were put in place by Alessandro Stefani.

The first exhibition opened on the  7th March in 2021 with 200 metres of wall containing 48 works of art from 8 artists all inspired by Barga – Durante, Fabrizio Da Prato, Giorgia Madiai, Keane, Kerry Bell, Stefano Tommasi, Caterina Salvi (article with many images here)

This week the second exhibition opened to the public with a series of images by the photographer Alessandro Puccinelli – Terre di Toscana – la valle del Serchio.

The images were first presented to the public in the Auditorium della Fondazione Banca del Monte in Lucca  back in 2012 with a new photography book – “Lands of Tuscany: The Serchio Valley”

“Between the wild and bristling peaks of the Apuan Alps and the soft forms of the Apennines lies a valley watered by a river, the Serchio, that is impetuous and playful at its source, placid and meandering in its journey towards the sea”.

The book features images by the photographer Alessandro Puccinelli, text by Gilberto Bedini and edited by Alessandro Stefani.

The 200 page book had images taken from right across the Serchio Valley and has been a work in progress for over 18 months with the photographer Alessandro Puccinelli taking many thousands of images of people, landscapes and the dramatic changes of light which occur in this area on a daily basis.

Regular readers of barganews might just remember an article about Alessandro Puccinelli back in 2010 when he first arrived in this area (article here) we said then that he was looking for locations to shoot – today some of those locations featured in his book and the accompanying exhibition in Lucca and now on the Talking Wall exhibition.

The exhibition will remain visible to the public until the 15th January 2022.

Alessandro Stefani talking (in Italian) about the construction of the Talking Wall in Barga