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Wanderlust Women 3 poets, Poetry and Song from Glasgow

The event took place in the Aula Magna of ISI Barga in via dell’Acquedotto on Wednesday 11th May 2022

Three writers, who came directly from Glasgow, Donna Campbell, Lesley Benzie and Linda Jackson,  read their poems written during the period of the pandemic, which make up the publication “Wanderlust Women”



‘Finding ourselves limited with few or no travelling opportunities during the ongoing Covid Crisis, we began looking back on previous movement in and around our own country and farther afield. We reassessed our own immediate environments and took our imaginations back to expeditions, meetings of minds, dream-travel and forms of travel: train, bus, plane, boat and by foot.’

Donna Campbell is a poetess known throughout the UK. She has worked with the Glasgow theater as co-producer of the show “2nd Stories” and has created multimedia poetry events, performances and publications. Her works have been published in various magazines and anthologies.  Her first collection of poems “Mongrel” was published in 2021 by Seahorse.

Lesley Benzie is from Aberdeen, but considers Glasgow her home. She writes in the Doric dialect and in English. She has published 2 poetry collections “Sewn Up” and “Fessen / Reared” publisher Seahorse and has won various literary awards.

Linda Jackson is the founder of Seahorse Publications. She has published Siren Awakes, The Cabinet, Red Squirrel Press and in various anthologies. For several years she have taught at university and is  also a musician.