Bernabò Home Gallery opens in Barga Vecchia – v 3.0

Bernabò Home Gallery opens in Barga Vecchia

Bernabò Home Gallery is a gallery specialized in modern and contemporary art.
The space is the result of decades of professional experience
and it hosts the important personal exhibitions of some of the biggest names in the twentieth century and contemporary art scene.
Bernabò Home Gallery offers in its spaces, paintings and sculptures with a particular focus on graphic works by the great national and international masters.
The mission of the Home is to offer visitors and collectors, through the chosen works of the represented artists, a cultural journey through the major artistic movements of the last century, which continues with the contemporary languages of the artists represented.
Particular and scrupulous attention is paid to the executive level of the proposed works; considering both the technical level of the product and the originality of the language.



Bernabò Home Gallery directed by Laura Piangerelli with her son Alfredo Provincial is a gallery specialised in modern and contemporary art which has two historical locations in Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan), but which from this Sunday has decided to open a branch here in Barga in Piazza Angelio.

A bit of the best of what this gallery offers was brought to Barga for the occasion, which opens with important works by artists such as Mirò, some lithographs (five) by De Chirico , a drawing by Picasso that is presented on the occasion of the inauguration, but also works by Giorgio Criffa, Castellani, De Pisis, Manzella, Luigi Gatti and, to pay homage to the land of Tuscany, also a work by Luca Alinari.