Angelo Roberto Fiori – “Profughi in clonazione” – v 3.0

Angelo Roberto Fiori – “Profughi in clonazione”

Color, shapes, meanings and hidden images that slowly reveal themselves: all this is “Refugees in cloning”, an exhibition by Angelo Roberto Fiori  at the Forte di Coreglia Antelminelli and will remain open until the 7th August.

This exhibition is the result of a long study, led above all by Gianfalco Masini who curated this splendid exhibition with his usual enthusiasm and energy. In the uncertainty of these times, art remains for posterity as a testimony and, while it is done, it can be a vehicle for content, ideas, it can transmit and arouse emotions, reflections, thoughts. Art and culture play a central role both for individual growth and for the growth of the community. This exhibition represents for this institution, for its community a moment of cultural enrichment, a moment of knowledge and approach to art for the public. For my department, cultural activity wants to be more and more a real development engine for local society – assessore for culture – Lara Baldacci



A compelling exhibition of work by Roberto Fiori who died a decade ago but leaves behind a body of work which still today manages to reach out and ask questions about ourselves.

Particulary very interesting the graphic work on show for the first time where we can see Roberto moving around his images and ideas before they were transferred onto the canvas.