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The Aristodemos – Last concert of the summer ?

After a gap of more than 2 years finally the Aristodemos are back playing in one of the most hospitable piazzas in Barga Vecchia – Piazza Annunziata.

They were booked to play there during  Le Piazzette in July but Covid kept two of the Aristodemos at home and so three concerts that month were cancelled.

But this week comes news that one was not cancelled just postponed and on this Thursday 8th September  – 9 pm, the Barga swing band will be back in the Piazza Annunziata for what will probably be the last concert of the summer in Barga Vecchia.

Music and good food are on offer thanks to the restaurant and wine bar “Wine Not”  run by Antonio Mordini, Luigi Marcucci and Giovanni Bonocore which opened its doors in Piazza Annunziata back in July of last year (article here

Clients can expect a range of cocktails and aperitifs and for food – different types of platters or even enjoying some tapas.

And on the other side of the piazza – Al Ro Manzo  – an elegant yet friendly atmosphere. run by Romano, butcher by choice for more than twenty years and who is the king of the grill, while at his  shoulder, Alberto has an inordinate culinary passion and thinks there is nothing better than a nice glass of wine accompanied by a succulent steak.  AlRoManzo, dove la ciccia incontra la griglia nelle sue migliori forme d’amore

The Aristodemo’s are: Andrea Gonnella (Vocals), Keane (percussioni / percussion), Alessandro Rizzardi (Mandolino / Mandolin and Sax), Fabio Guazzelli (chitarra / guitar), Leo Gnesi on double–bass

The band came together in the winter of 2009 when local musicians Alessandro Rizzardi (mandolino), Keane (Percussioni), Fabio Guazelli (chitarra), Leo Gnesi (contro bass), and Andrea Gonnella (cantante) found each other in Aristo’s enoteca, with instruments in hand, and exciting ideas in mind and of course, passion in heart.




Focusing mainly on forgotten swing Italiano from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, The Aristodemos welcome you to jump back in time and into their salotto. You may also hear something contemporary swung into Aristo gear.

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