Book presentation – A proposito di Amicizia – v 3.0

Book presentation – A proposito di Amicizia

Book presentation at the Capretz Cafe in Barga Vecchia with a large attendance enjoying the latest book by Paolo Moscardini and friends.

The friends gathered by Giuliano Ayala Bertolini to talk – indeed to write – about friendship were many.

Each of them gave their contribution for the birth of a book entitled – A proposito di Amicizia – About Friendship, attributed to Ayala & friends just to reaffirm the concept and collective authorship of the work.

The friendship from which the narration starts is that between Ayala and Paolo Moscardini who was born in Barga in 1958 and friends from the age of eight

“This book is the story of many friendships and collects the testimony of authors often at the beginning”.

In practice, many young people from Barga Vecchia (and beyond) were asked to tell an episode that summed up what friendship meant for them.

Many  responded overcoming the reluctance of those who for the first time found themselves having to share thoughts and feelings with an audience of readers.