Giovanni Pascoli’s wine- “Flos vineae” – v 3.0

Giovanni Pascoli’s wine- “Flos vineae”

Presentation this morning at the Cafe Capretz in Barga Vecchia of the wine produced since 2014by a  group of volunteers working at the Casa Pascoli.

Giovanni Pascoli produced the original wine  and which he called “Flos vineae” in the vineyard of his garden.



Today that wine is produced  in very modest quantities -both a red wine Merlot, Ciliegiolo and Sirah and a white which is the result of the Albana vines, typical of the Romagna area from which Pascoli comes, which were donated to Casa Pascoli by the municipality of San Mauro di Romagna in 2013 on the occasion of the centenary of Pascoli.