Renovation work starts on the Barga Civic Museum – v 3.0

Renovation work starts on the Barga Civic Museum

Scaffolding has started to be erected around the civic museum of the territory of Barga “Antonio Mordini” up by the Duomo in Barga Vecchia.

The museum documents, with an educational set-up, the paleontological aspects of the Serchio Valley, the archaeological ones of the Barga area (Ligurian tombs and Etruscan bronzes) and the artistic ones of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The first two rooms exhibit the paleontological and archaeological fossils. Three rooms are dedicated to the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance, themes of great importance for the relevant artistic implications of this era such as the Duomo, itself a large museum close to the museum itself, the parish church of Loppia, and sacred furnishings. Going down to the ancient prison, recent studies have made it possible to reconstruct the furnishings of a dungeon and torture room. Through a predetermined path, we can understand a past in which the way of conceiving and exercising justice was very different from today’s.

The museum has been suffering and feeling its age for some time but now work can finally start to put back one of the hidden jewels of Barga – the “Antonio Mordini” civic museum.



Over 100,000 euros has been set aside for the work and according to the large sign outside the museum, all should be finished by February 2023.