200 yellow bicycles put on the streets of Joensuu Finland as a means of free transport, have all gone missing. Why are they now turning up in various places around the globe?
Projekti lyhyesti, Suomeksi

The complete story behind the 200 yellow bicycles of Joensuu can be seen here

What does"oma maa mansikka muu maa mustikka" really mean? The ex-President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari replies.

Exclusive digital streaming quicktime video filmed from a yellow bike in Japan.


image from Italy of one of the missing bikes being used by an unknown council worker in Tuscany
city council
2 yellow bikes smuggled ashore in Spain
Critical Mass
images from Italy
yellow bikes in Barga and Florence Tuscany Italy. Local police force are baffled by their appearance. The mayor promises an investigation.

images from holland
firm photographic proof from Zwolle and Roterdam and circumstantial evidence from Amsterdam involving a connection with Korelian Beardogs

Images from USA
in Ojai California there have been sightings of some of the missing Joensuu bikes . Eye witness accounts

film from Japan
filmed from a yellow bike in japan .EXCLUSIVE streaming quicktime video. Thank you Kogo.

the London connection
As far back as 1992 there has been a yellow bike moving around Fulham West London .Possible links with a local Vicar.

hackers break into 6 international newspapers and leave images of yellow bikes
The Times ( London ) Helsingin Sanomat ( Helsinki ) Repubblica ( Rome ) 24ore ( Rome ) Corriere (Rome ) Boston Globe ( Boston ) were all hacked this week, 15th April by a group of Finnish Hackers

yellow bicycles are back on the streets of Joensuu Finland as a means of transport. How did this happen?
Divers go down to rescue the bikes
latest news
joensuu is the home of humppa
200 yellow bikes
a painting from Bruxelles
sculpture and installations from the reclaimed bikes 

other art related sites


After so much media attention around the world ( the word "joensuu" in a search engine would bring the result "yellow bikes" for instance ) a small group of people at the North Karelia Polytechnic in Joensuu decided to revive the 200 Yellow Bicycles of Joensuu Project
Who were this group of people ?
How was it funded?
What was the reaction on the net and from the media ?

50 yellow bikes
have now been renovated and are ready for life back on the streets.

Sub Aqua Divers
are scouring the river and canals in Joensuu for traces of the original 200 yellow bikesA space had been set aside by the Joensuu council in the center of the city for a sculpture from the rescued bike frames.
"Twinning" the bikes with cities, countries, organisations and interested people
A database on line so that you can now follow the progress of each individual bike
A bike - art trail
has been set up with 40 artists showing their work along the bike paths in the city
Images from the main exhibition
including live video and chat. Come and see what the people of Joensuu thought of the exhibition
Artists around the world
are now producing work based on the yellow bike story
200 yellow bikes song in MP3
words and music by Jukka Itkonen
Yellow Wind Orchestra
formed specially for the 200 yellow bikes project
are appearing in the woods around Joensuu on the theme of Yellow Bikes
Installations and Performances
involving the story of the 200 yellow bikes will be taking place in the center of Joensuu during July and August
muted reactions from the Joensuu council
no comment
Most of these events can be seen in real time on this site during the coming weeks. Watch this space for further details!!!!
a large list of Bike links
everything you ever wanted to know about bikes on the net


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