15th -17th August 2001
San Rocco Street Fair and Market
The annual San Rocco fair brings thousands of people flooding in to Barga. One of the attractions is the street market with hundreds of stalls lining the streets of Barga selling everything from the traditional San Rocco goods such as melons, onions, garlic, sweets, pots and pans to the more exotic articles such as small green iguanas, african drums, silk kimonos and Chinese medicines.There is such a huge amount of things on display that the shopping binge has to take place over 2 days to get everything in. Local people take their knives and scissors to be sharpened and for some reason known only to themselves, there is the traditional San Rocco water fight which takes place in the piazzas and as can be seen in the image above, has now entered the technological age. During the day local musicians keep the crowds entertained but in the evening its time for some serious stuff. The roads are blocked off, tables are put out where once were parked cars and the serious evening festa begin. This year there were two main events....on Wednesday 15th August the piazza was taken over by the Barga Jazz Big Band followed on Thursday 16th, by the Giovanna and Antonio Menza Orchestra.
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