This year's winner announced

pasticceria lucchesi barga

barga toilet

The long running "Vote for the Best Toilet in Barga" competition is back again after a three year break. Following a letter to the visitors book in March 2000, from a French tourist visiting Barga for the first time and complaining about the condition of the public toilets, barganews decided to do a survey of all the toilets available to the growing number of tourists arriving in Barga.

The idea was if the images were published on the internet and then voted on* then maybe the people responsible for the condition of the toilets might take a bit more care and maybe, just maybe, the standards would rise.

This in fact precisely what did happen. If you check out the images of the toilets from four years ago and compare them to the images now you can see a great leap in the right direction with many being completely rebuilt and disabled access becoming the norm. It was mainly the toilets in Barga Vecchia who showed the way with the 1999 and 2000 Osteria Angelio and Capretz followed by the surprise win in 2001 of the Xray dept. at the Hospital but this year the prize has moved down the hill to the Barga Giardino area:

BEST TOILET 2004 ----
The Pasticceria Lucchesi

*A big thank you to all out there who voted. Keep those votes coming in as they will all count for the 2005 competition.