During the week 11th September to18th September 2001, a new word suddenly arrived at the top of the list on the internet search engines,"bin Laden"

The word was on everybody's lips and across everybody's computer screens.

People were not sure if it was Bin or bin or if bin was his first name but they all wanted to know more information about this person.

I wrote his name down using a digital pad and blew it up. I increased the size of the pixels in just one part of his name. I continued increasing until just 2 or 3 colours were on the screen. I had thought that in the end I would be left with a choice of 2 pixels but they kept subdividing and changing colour. I was left in the end with a series of sub-Piet Mondrian-like images. These I scrubbed out leaving just some of the original "underpainting" showing through.






1st version 

2nd version

3rd version



4th version

5th version

6th version

 animated white version   animated coloured version


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