Webcam 1
Webcam 1
Webcam 2
Webcam 2

Two web cams were set up sending images to the same page on the internet at 30 second intervals. Webcam 1 was fixed and pointing out across the valley to the mountains behind Barga.

Webcam 2 was instead attatched to a moving fan which was being used to keep all 4 computers in the office cool during the August heat.

Within the moving arc of Webcam 2 was a monitor showing the two images from both webcams.

So, Webcam 1 had a fixed image which changed naturally during the day as the weather and light outside changed.

Webcam 2 had a moving image which was mechanically changed with the chance of random feedback images. (a plastic lense from a child's toy was also added to this webcam at a later point to break up the image even further.)

The 2 images were FTP'ed to the same webpage at 30 second intervals. Which ever image got there first was accepted by the server and paged up,

Collisions some times occured, when both images arrived at the same time. This work is about those collisions.

The images only had a 30 second "life" on the net before being covered up by the incoming new image. The collision images could only be documented if there was somebody there to notice them.

Above are 9 such collision images. Click on the images to see them full size.



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