Paper has been one of the main methods of communication and transmission of culture for centuries, does it still hold this position of power ? With the advent of television, radio, telephones and now all the digital technology, how should we look at and treat this seemingly simple object which we generally use and then discard without too much thought. Could it be true that paper is on the way out? Are we witnessing “ the death of paper ” or, in the age of technological migration, how do we judge a piece of paper which if made well can preserve information for 1000 years ? - Keane 1997

The paperless office predicted since the advent of desktop computers in the 1970's has not come to pass, on the contrary replacement of the ordinary typewriter by the word processors and peripheral equipment has produced a flood of hard copy printout. Paper seems destined for a bright future as a packaging medium, as an information carrier and as an asthetic art medium - D.Neumann 1996

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