Keane spent 7 years , from 1985 -1992 , living and working in the small comune ( 728 inhabitants )
of FOSCIANDORA in the province of Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. Here are over 100 images from paintings done during those years. Almost all are on canvas 70 cms x 50 cms and all are in oils. Click on any of the thumbnails to view a selection of 10 images. Click on any image to move to the next. All images are at low resolution to speed up download and also to protect the copyright of theartist but permission to use them is generally given, just drop Keane an E-mail by clicking here .






 If you get bored looking through the images , just click on the Fosciandora Wolf and you will be returned to this page :-)
Upon leaving Fosciandora, Keane's work changed dramatically. You can see just how different it is by clicking here


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