It’s time to leave Afghanistan – or is it?

It’s time to leave Afghanistan – or is it?

BARGA, Italy–My head tells me it’s time to leave. But my heart, for reasons grounded in personal experience, is profoundly wary. Like almost everyone who has watched, in growing dismay, (article from August last year here) as the war in Afghanistan has dragged mercilessly on, I agree with President Obama’s decision to begin withdrawing U.S. […]


The Brink of Disaster in Afghanistan

The news from Italy Monday [September 21] was a death knell, rung from belltowers nationwide. They tolled for six Italian paratroopers, mostly young men in their twenties, victims of a suicide bomb in Kabul. Within hours of the September 17 attack, longstanding calls for Italy’s withdrawal from the international peacekeeping force in Afghanistan had grown […]