Twinning with East Lothian – Continued

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Twinning with East Lothian

The ceremonies for the twinning between Barga and East Lothian Scotland which started officially this morning in Barga Vecchia carried on this afternoon and well into the evening with a concert by the choir from Prestonpans at the Villa moorings Hotel

Also this evening in The Villa moorings in the presence of the artist John Bellany, long time friend Sandy Moffat formerly Dean of Glasgow College of Art, Alex Mosson, ex Lord Provost of Glasgow, and Pat O’Brien OBE the Provost of East Lothian, was the first screening of the documentary film “My Journey” shot here in Barga during August of last year featuring Daniela Nardini and her thoughts and musings on returning to the birthplace of her family.

Heres a flavour of the day written by the participants themselves on the Longniddry Primary School blog

I thought today was amaazing. I really enjoyed walking along with the banners and the feeling was amazing when we sang. Becca

As we walked up the streets we thought our arms were going to fall off because of the banners weight. After the parade we did the highland fling to the pipes and the drum. Also I (Anna) danced with an old Italian soldier*. We did the waltz. Brogan & Anna

Today was the main day and I had a great time piping. I feel like a celebrity because of all the pictures! Caitlain

Today was really enjoyable _ getting up and full of adrenilin. It was a great feeling meeting the Mayor of Barga and John Bellany. Ross

Carrying the banners through the streets of Barga was amazing.!!! then when we danced with the guys with the accordians*, it was just fab! Megan

I was so nrvous during the ceremony because I had to give the mayor and John Bellany a brochure for the Three Harbours festival. I didnt realise I had to make a speech so when I handed the brochure over I just said the first thing that came into my head! Julia

When I was watching the ceremony of the twinning I had to stand for ages but it was worth it. Louise

Hi everyone! Today we were parading through the town of Barga. It was tiring but fun. See you soon. Eilidh

Hi everyone its Isla. I was in a giant parade. It was brilliant but it was tiring. I am having a great time. My favourite part was meeting Pat OBrien and Mayor Sereni. Isla

Hi guys. We hope you saw the celebration. We enjoyed being part of it and I hope you enjoy watching it. Fraser

My favourite part of the celebration was singing and performing in front of the crowds. I hope other people liked it too. Ciaran

I enjoyed singing on th spot because everyone seemed to be silent and stop what ever they were doing just to watch us. They seemed to enjoy it very much.

After the official performance in front of the mayor and invited guests, we gathered at a very enjoyable Italian restaurant . Despite a very long wait for our food , it was worth it.

Joining us at the restaurant was a group of kind American tourists from Oregan for whom we performed a private concert. The concert turned in to a public display in the squarte for the whole of Barga. Everyone loved us! When we left Caitlins bagpipes and Rosss drums boomed through the streets of Barga as we paraded to the next square. Andrew, Gerard, Maia, Louise & Robbie.

Staff comment a very surreal but magical experience.

Our students are doing us and East Lothian proud – amazing ambassadors!

* those images can be found here

{barganews_twinning2 } Twinning with East Lothian{barganews_twinning2 } Twinning with East Lothian{barganews_twinning2 } Twinning with East Lothian{barganews_twinning2 } Twinning with East Lothian

Click below to hear the choir singing outside the Villa Moorings this evening

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Janet Wright

Well done Isla and all pupils from East Lothian – we are very proud of you.

Auntie Ang

Hi Louise, just caught up with the photos outside the hotel you were all fantastic it looks lovely. enjoy the rest of your holiday and your day off today !!! WELLDONE TO EVERYBODY!! oh and i had another wee bubble love you xxx


hi Ross the photos of last nite looks like you all had a ball. Enjoy the rest of your time in Barga.

Class 6D

Hiya Louise and Fraser.We’re sorry,but we didnt get to watch the Cermony because we couldn’t get the live link.But people in the assembly hall are trying to.Please put a picture of Mrs Gordon on the site because we havent seen her anywhere.Hope you’re all having a good time.Missing you.
See you soon!!

beccas mum and dad

photos and singing from last night looked and sounded fantastic especially you all outside the hotel.loved the highland fling becca you were well getting into it ,glad you are all having a ball enjoy youre last day and
see ya tomorrow.

iain crawford p6/7

hiya u guys sound good in the music frase please rite back

Ciara p6/7 cockenzie

where are you mrs.Gordon we can’t see you any where,are you on a beach in barbados? anyway,i just wanted to say to lousie and fraser how well they are doing.

sean welsh

to eilildh hope you have had fun in barga the school are waiting for you and the rest of you to come back hope you have had fun


sarah welsh

to ehidh

hope you have a nice time see you when you come bak tell me all about barga sean misses you

sarah welsh

to loise
antie angela is her cutting our hair but she would rather be in barga whith you because she misses you.we saw the photos.

from sarah welsh

sarah welsh

to isla

are you having a good time

from sarah welsh

Cairan Harte

Hi Ciaran , I loved the pictures of you all.The singing was great.You all are great ambassadors of Scotland.Well done.Enjoy the time you have left .
Granny Wilma

nikki cunningham

hi hopr yous all are having a great time have a great flight back
see you sone
nikki xx

The Cairns Crew

Hey Louise and Fraser, Looks like you are having a great time there in Barga.Pictures and songs tell their own story. Well done one and all, see you all soon. xxxx


louise missing you a lot