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The Barga Social Distancing Project is an attempt to capture a particular moment in the life of this community with series of images which we can look back on in 10 or 20 years time and remember and wonder. ( Full article here) \n","endDate":"2021,03,30","asset":{"media":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/10\/images-from-barga-14364.jpg","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2018,08,14","headline":"Gurdjieff and Hartmann in Barga","text":"

piano – Massimo Salotti visuals – Keane\n","endDate":"2018,08,30","asset":{"media":"httpv:\/\/\/watch?v=65BBMJRk0J4","caption":"piano - Massimo Salotti visuals - Keane","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2019,08,15","headline":"La mostra dedicata al Pennato","text":"

Pi\u00f9 che una mostra una grande installazione artistica di notevole effetto ospitata nella Oxo Gallery di via di Borgo (visibile fino al 15 agosto) che ci porta alla scoperta di un piccolo grande oggetto della civilt\u00e0 contadina di tutti i tempi.\n","asset":{"media":"https:\/\/\/watch?v=Ib2r7Z8PUVo&t=17s","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2019,08,01","headline":"Keane - Pennati - ancient Memories","text":"

\u201cAncient memories,\u201d the exhibition by Keane now featured at Barga\u2019s Oxo Gallery – the latest chapter in his decades-long meditation on the fate of tradition in the modern world. Keane calls it \u201cvisceral memory,\u201d a subtle current of knowledge that is \u201cfelt in the gut,\u201d rather than coded and sorted in the mind. (article here) \n","asset":{"media":"https:\/\/\/watch?v=MqYftqvKfZU","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2019,05,01","headline":"Images from the upcoming PENNATI exhibition","text":"

Images from the upcoming PENNATI exhibition in the OXO collection Gallery in Barga Vecchia August 1st – August 15th — more images here \n","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/06\/untitled-117.jpg","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2019,01,09","headline":"La storia infinita dei pennati","text":"

NOI TV – Keane a Barga non solo \u00e8 artista ma un fulcro della ricerca dell\u2019essenza che sta alla base della bellezza di questo paese. Nato a Londra nel 1956 sbarca in Valle del Serchio nel 1985 e dopo un po\u2019 arriva a Barga abbracciando questa citt\u00e0; quasi come uno stile di vita.\n","endDate":"2019,01,10","asset":{"media":"https:\/\/\/watch?v=KFJo08YLkHs","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2018,08,29","headline":"Invisible cities \u2013 Guzzoletti and Keane","text":"

The newly opened Oxo Collection Gallery in Barga Vecchia commissioned an event based on literature, art and music all centered around one small book – Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino – more images here \n","endDate":"2018,08,30","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/04\/invisible-cities.jpg","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2019,03,30","headline":"Pop Tarot in Palazzo Pancrazi","text":"

Italy is said to be the birthplace of the tarot, which according to playing-card historians was originally a card game invented in the fifteenth century – more images here \n","endDate":"2019,05,1","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/03\/images-from-barga-2-30.jpg","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2017,10,01","headline":"The Barga shrine paintings","text":"

A new phenomenon in this area was most readily seen after a recent trip to Lago Santo . A lakeside crucifix had been adorned with not just religious icons, crucifixes and rosaries but also numerous hair clips, adornments, bracelets and even spoons. It had moved from what was a religious position to an almost fetishist situation.\u00a0(more images here)\n","endDate":"2018,02,01","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/01\/shrines_web.jpg","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2012,08,01","headline":"Suitcase performance in Barga Vecchia","text":"

For many residents of Barga there is a sound which denotes the arrival of summer. No, it is not the chirping of the birds or buzzing of the insects but is instead a far more mundane sound \u2013 is the unmistakable noise made by suitcases being trundled through the narrow stone streets of Barga Vecchia. Those tiny plastic wheels at the bottom of the case in contact with the centuries-old stone is the sound of visitors newly arriving or departing from the city.\n","endDate":"2012,08,02","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/09\/suitcase-keane.jpg","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2017,03,10","headline":"The wine stain paintings \u2013 tempus fugit","text":"

Usually if some red wine is spilt on a white tablecloth then people immediately reach for the salt or fizzy water in an attempt to stop the red wine from staining the cloth. Sometimes almost a hidden beauty to be seen in the result of that kinetic action of the wine inadvertently splashed and spread across the white surface.\n

A series of work which attempts to recreate that unhappy\/happy accident using red wine in place of the paint and and a series of square blank canvases instead of the white tablecloth.\n","endDate":"2017,03,25","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/09\/wine-stains-keane.jpg","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2017,07,01","headline":"Palazzo Pancrazi: The Barga Vanga paintings","text":"

The latest exhibition by Keane, 10 paintings in lacquered oil mounted back-to-back in the lobby of Palazzo Pancrazi, is an eloquent study in the suggestive complexity of simple objects. Their immediate subject is the \u201cvanga,\u201d the traditional spade used by Tuscan peasants since time immemorial to turn their soil.\n","endDate":"2017,08,31","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/09\/images-from-barga-ITALY-1830-1.jpg","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2016,10,10","headline":"The Barga wine glass paintings","text":"

A unframed collage of simple bistro glasses stands in the lobby of Palazzo Pancrazi, Barga\u2019s municipal hall. Tinted with red wine, they look unprepossessing at first glance. But their nuances chronicle a moving history of the town \u2014 and beyond that, of the larger peasant world that is its evocative setting. \u201cThis is where Barga is, and where it has been,\u201d says the painter Keane. – article by Frank Viviano here\n","endDate":"2016,10,30","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2017\/05\/wine-glasses.jpg","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2016,06,01","headline":"The Barga Pop Tarot paintings","text":"

inauguration of the Barga Pop Tarot paintings by Keane in the new Bistro at the Locanda di Mezzo in Barga Vecchia — – – inaugurazione del Barga Pop Tarot dipinti da Keane nel nuovo Bistro presso la Locanda di Mezzo – Barga Vecchia\n","asset":{"media":"https:\/\/\/watch?v=n4wltPXjlDs","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2009,07,10","headline":"Umbrella look for the Soul Festival","text":"

The Lake Angels Soul festival which is scheduled to run this weekend is about to have a definite change of colour. Their usual military style green and orange logo is going to get a boost of some new colours in the spectrum. The Angels have commissioned the artist Keane to prepare a new look to the Soul Festival and he has pulled out all the stops with a backdrop containing 50 painted umbrellas. (more here) \n","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/08\/painted-umbrellas-in-barga-2009013.jpg","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2008,06,01","headline":"Dark umbrellas at L\u2019osteria","text":"

A short exhibition (lasting only three days) of some very dark umbrellas at the L\u2019osteria in Piazza Angelio opened this evening. The artist Keane who painted a series of bright cheerful and sunny umbrellas for the Lake Angels Soul Festival this summer has gone in a completely different direction and produced instead for Halloween what could only be described as very, very dark images. (more here) \n","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/08\/los-caprichos-umbrellas-in-barga-2009002.jpg","caption":"","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2015,12,20","headline":"The Jodorowsky Tarot drawings","text":"

Coloured drawings on card – Work in progress by Keane based on The Tarot of Marseille cards restored by Philippe Camoin and Alexandre Jodorowsky. … images can seen here \n","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/04\/drawing.jpg","caption":"The Jodorowsky Tarot drawings","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2016,03,18","headline":"The Pop Tarot paintings of Barga","text":"

Paintings based on the Tarot of Marseille cards restored by Philippe Camoin and Alexandre Jodorowsky which have been installed in the Pop Tarot room at the Locanda restaurant in Barga Vecchia –\n","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/04\/Screen-Shot-2016-04-26-at-20.05.35.png","caption":"pop tarot paintings of barga","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2016,01,20","headline":"The Jodorowsky Tarot paintings","text":"

Four times over the past thirty years Keane has started started to make images about the card players to be found in local bars playing with their fascinating sets of cards, the designs of which have remained more or less unchanged for centuries but each time he was not able to progress beyond just a few unrelated images … that is until this winter when he started work on cards based on The Tarot of Marseille restored by Philippe Camoin and Alexandre Jodorowsky.\n","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/04\/tarot2.jpg","caption":"tarot paintings in barga","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2009,10,27","headline":"Nuns removed from Barga","text":"

Three weeks ago during the night, a couple of painted nuns appeared on a wall on a disused building in Barga Vecchia.
\nAlthough nobody ever took responsibility for the paintings it was no secret that the artist Keane has been working for the last two years on a series of paintings based around the Nuns of Barga and so most people assumed it was a continuation of that work.
\nWhat people were not prepared for was when one of the painted figures then just disappeared during the night when no witnesses were around. Was it painted over ? First there were two, then one. – full article
here\n","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/12\/keane-the-nuns-of-barga-2009014.jpg","caption":"the nuns of barga ","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2008,11,12","headline":"The Nuns of Barga","text":"

There have been quite a few emails and Skype calls to the barganews office today enquiring about the condition of the work in the the painter\u00a0Keane\u2019s\u00a0studio which was inundated with water earlier this week.\u00a0As we have already published in\u00a0an earlier article\u00a0some older paintings and works on paper were damaged by the water but luckily most of his latest work \u2013 the series \u201cthe Nuns of Barga\u201d\u00a0 were hanging on the walls and well above the creeping water. \u00a0– full article here \n","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2015\/12\/keane-nuns-of-barga-0171.jpg","caption":"the nuns of barga ","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2014,09,29","headline":"24 Waves with David Lynch at Lucca Film Festival","text":"

Barga had a strong presence at the event as last night at the official opening of the Festival there was the first performance with the participation of David Lynch of XXIV WAVES FOR PIANO SOLO written by Massimo Salotti with an installation and musical performance using QR codes by Keane and 3D printed cubes from Alessandro Stefani. Full article here\n","endDate":"2014,09,29","asset":{"media":"https:\/\/\/watch?v=1yXfBZZB8lg","caption":"David Lynch in visita all'installazione musicale a lui dedicata","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2014,11,01","headline":"Biroldo and the #loveproject","text":"

Biroldo \u2013 even the name is fascinating as it not really a local Italian word but a name that was probably brought down from the north of Europe as the Longobards expanded their territory into the south of Europe and founded the city of Barga over a thousand years ago. They brought with them their food which was heavily based on pigs\n

Full article here\n","endDate":"2015,02,01","asset":{"media":"https:\/\/\/watch?v=NA5ByHHATmc","caption":"LOVE PROJECT - video by Giorgia Madiai","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2013,08,15","headline":"The Green Room Portraits","text":"

A\u00a0series of portraits\u00a0which were being taken every night during the Barga Jazz festival 2013 at the Eno Jazz after hours sessions at Villa Libano by \u00a0the\u00a0photographers Debora Caterina Salvi and Keane who are on hand to take a series of portraits of the musicians and revellers in a specially prepared setting lit by Marco Poma\u2019s lighting system.\n

More Green Room portraits can be seen here\n","endDate":"2013,08,31","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/watch?v=HQT4d6jjseA","caption":"the party is still on and revellers and dreamers are still thinking dark thoughts","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2011,05,01","headline":"The thumbnail Nuns of Barga","text":"

The contribution to the cultural life of Barga during the summer of 2011,  ironically has so far gone mainly unnoticed as it was decided that \u201csize is not everything\u201d and in fact \u201d small is beautiful\u201d
\nAn installation in Barga Vecchia  which only the very observant would notice \u2013
The thumbnail Nuns of Barga.\n

 \n","endDate":"2011,07,30","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/watch?v=hVSW1mBnI94","caption":"The thumbnail Nuns of Barga","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2011,12,01","headline":"The Death of TV- Palazzo Pancrazi","text":"

L\u2019atrio di un palazzo cinquecentesco e un\u2019installazione di arte contemporanea. Comincia con questi due elementi la nuova vita culturale di \u201cBarga citt\u00e0 d\u2019arte\u201d. Lo spazio in questione \u00e8 l\u2019ingresso di Palazzo Pancrazi, sede comunale, che sta per cambiare ruolo nella vita della cittadina. \n

Images from the exhibition can be seen here\n","endDate":"2012,01,31","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2013\/09\/tv.jpg","caption":"death of TV ","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2013,08,05","headline":"Nuns of Barga - final salute","text":"

Back in 2005 \u00a0I started work on a series of paintings based around a small group of people who have been living and working in Barga for generations, but now as a group are close to extinction \u2013 the nuns of Barga.\u00a0This week comes the official news that the remaining nuns will shortly be leaving Barga for good after 101 years of being a part of Barga society, the Convent it to be shut and the remaining nuns to return to Casaletto in Rome.\n

The end of an era. Final salute to the Nuns of Barga\n","endDate":"2013,08,06","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2013\/09\/nuns.jpeg","caption":"Nuns of Barga - final salute","credit":""}},{"startDate":"2012,02,04","headline":"Arti Differenti: intervista","text":"

Keane\u00a0sei senza ombra di dubbio un figura fondamentale per l\u2019arte e per la cultura del comune di Barga, hai dimostrato molte e molte altre volte ancora che non tutto \u00e8 come semplicemente ci appare. Come definiresti il tuo lavoro artistico? Se devo dare una definizione, \u201ccommunity artist\u201d \u00e8 la parola che mi descrive meglio: io lavoro nella comunit\u00e0.
\nfull interview is
here\n","endDate":"2012,02,05","asset":{"media":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2013\/09\/keane.jpg","caption":"Arti Differenti: intervista","credit":""}},{"startDate":"1993,01,01","headline":"Exhibition in Gallicano - Artists at Work ","text":"

Experiments with visual effects using old TV’s and a video camera\n

First part of exhibition in all the shops in Gallicano\u00a0(part 2 is <a href=\"