Barga at night – Panifico Regio Bello

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Barga at night - Bakery Regio BelloThis is the second of a short series of articles with the title “Barga at night” – the hidden side of Barga that people generally don’t see. The idea is to follow and document people who are working while most of us are sound asleep in our beds. We started the series with the Pasticceria Lucchesi (article here) – this week the award-winning barganews photographer O’Connorlost yet another night’s sleep as he documented Maurizio Lemmi and his crew in the “Regio Bello” bakery in Barga Giardino preparing our daily bread.

Fabio Bacci, Brunello Marchi and Marco Mazzon spend each and every night right through till dawn making 200 kilos of bread, assorted pizzas and focaccia


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