Puppies, puppies and yet more puppies

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puppies-in-barga-011Back in May of last year O’ Connor, the barganews award winning photographer, featured a close up image of a dog on the streets of Barga. The dog Miro was looking inquisitively into the lens, and therefore right directly at us the viewers with one brown eye and the other bright blue. At the start of this year she gave birth to one or two puppies. Well, not just one or two – actually is was 11 of the little darlings and now they are looking for a home. Is there anybody out there who would like to give Sara Lucchessi and Andrea Gonnella a hand to sort out this problem ? Both Sara and Andrea are involved in the “Natalino” film which is being shot in this area this month and would love to dedicate more time to their budding film careers and less to looking after nearly a dozen young puppies.

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