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Monthly market – the steady rise of artisan and craft ware

could it be that finally the tide is turning on the "throwaway society" ?

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Last month we published a series of images from the monthly market held in Barga every second Sunday in the month. They showed an increase in the participation by craftsmen, craftswomen and craftspeople in general.

People were also coming from further away from the city to show their wares. New ceramics and hand made silver jewellery were in the piazza last month for instance.

In amongst the usual Barbie dolls, bric a brac, Mussolini busts and religious icons, this month that trend has continued with new people arriving to take part in the market.

As you can hear from the short conversation above with Andrea Varesi Liserio from Lunigiana, who was here to show his skills repairing chairs, this kind of work is making a comeback as people are getting fed up with just throwing things away.

It would seem that the tide is turning on the “throwaway society”.

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