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Pisa University visit to the Virtual Museum in Barga

with Lucia Morelli and Gianluca Paoletti Barsotti

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Students from the Pisa University were in Barga this morning for a lecture inside the Museo Virtuale e Multimediale Rocche e Fortificazioni della Valle del Serchio in the Volta dei Menchi situated underneath the town hall – the Palazzo Pancrazi.

Museum of Strongholds and Defensive Walls of the Serchio Valley

The multimedia museum of strongholds and defensive walls is an innovative means of knowledge of a territory rich in thousands of years old history: High Serchio Valley.

Created by the collaboration of the Unione dei Comuni of the Serchio Valley and Pisa University, the museum combines centuries of knowledge and traditions with the most advanced technologies: through interactive means and an educational approach, the visitor can trace information, images and videos which illustrate the events, resources and the traditions of the Valley.

There are many and possible itineraries and in-depth analysis. One can admire imposing strongholds, many villages, their monuments, enjoy the beauties offered by nature and virtually get close to traditions and ancient crafts.

The museum, of which its setting up is constantly evolving , suggests to the public to deepen their knowledge of the Valley and give useful and immediate information for the visit of the territory.

The museum can be visited by appointment – telefono 334.167.21.50 – email – single tickets 3 euros – guided tours and didactic labs are available

The project – Valle del Serchio. Più vicino a te

The project “Cultural Basin of the Serchio Valley – System of Fortresses and Fortifications” was elaborated and developed jointly by the two Unions of the Municipalities of the Middle Serchio Valley and the Garfagnana Basin, as part of a comprehensive set of interventions concerning fortresses, walled settlements, castles and medieval bridges throughout the territory.
The aim was to create a distributed museum system of recovered monumental sites that are now valued and identified within an area unique in its culture, typical products and ways of life.
Thus is established a truly tangible cultural area, “The Cultural Basin of the Serchio Valley”, which allows visitors to reconstruct a detailed mosaic of historical, artistic and environmental experiences across various sites in order to enjoy a heritage that accompanies the most famous centres of Tuscan cultural.
The website, developed in parallel with the publication of a guide book, presents the interventions undertaken within the area and provides the public with a historical reading of the sites concerned, providing a useful introduction or accompaniment to visiting the territory.

Valle del Serchio is a land of incalculable beauty, located along the course of the river Serchio. Discovering this territory, which the poet Giovanni Pascoli defined as the “valley of beauty and goodness”, means being immersed in a unique landscape rich in art, culture and a thousand years of tradition that survives today in the customs and practices of the local communities.
Fortresses, ancient towns, churches and medieval bridges; once defensive bastions, theatres of epic battles and heroic deeds, they are today jewel boxes of evocation, intrigues and legends, the chosen destination of an unforgettable journey through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the search of a glorious past full of fascination.

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