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Golf Club Garfagnana and the Scottish connection

località Braccicorti a Pontardeto, Pieve Fosciana - 6 hole par 3

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The ancient origins of GOLF are unclear and much debated. Some historians trace the sport back to the Roman game of paganica, in which participants used a bent stick to hit a stuffed leather ball. One theory asserts that paganica spread throughout Europe as the Romans conquered most of the continent, during the first century BC, and eventually evolved into the modern game which originated in 15th-century Scotland.

To many golfers, the Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland, a links course dating to before 1574, is considered to be a site of pilgrimage and for at least 90 golfers in Garfagnana it also has a far deeper meaning as a good part of the Golf Club Garfagnana at Pieve Fosciana is in existence thanks to the Scottish club.

As you can hear in the interview below with the then president of the Golf Club Garfagnana, Benito Casci, when they first opened golf club in 1994 they had just a driving range and four holes – a pretty strange number even for a small golf club.

Benito with connections in Scotland had heard that St Andrews were sometimes offering grants to places where golf was not a common sport. In 1994, the Golf Club in Garfagnana, perfectly fitting that category and they offered a grant to the club.

With that money it was possible to expand two holes making it into a six hole course, which could be played three times, bringing it up to the regulation 18 holes.

This weekend the club opened up after the winter break with the final of the “Palla di Neve” trophy – which is held at various golf courses around Tuscany – Pontardeto, Prato, Montecatini, Mugello, Tirrenia, Castelfalfi, Gavorrano, Vinci and Punta Ala.

1st place
 Stefano Dini, Giacomo Martinelli, Andrea Angelini, Stefano Toni, Rodolfo Lombardi

2nd place
Federico Pieroni, Enrico Piastra, Ghislano Giannoni, Gianfranco Palagi

3rd place
Alessandro Berti, Andrea Mori, Cristiano Sileo, Alessandra Gualtierotti, Pietro Magera.


Apertura 2018 – Dal 1° Aprile al 18 Novembre 2018.

Orari Campo da gioco
• Dal lunedì alla domenica, dalle ore 8.30 alle 19.00.
• Martedì chiuso (aperto per i soli soci).

Orari Club House
• Lunedì, mercoledì, giovedì e venerdì: apertura su chiamata
• Sabato e domenica: dalle ore 9.00 alle 19.00. In occasione delle gare, apertura dalle ore 8.00 e possibilità di pranzo (primo e/o secondo).
• Martedì chiuso.







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