Market under the Stars

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Barga Giardino was full of bustling people this evening all enjoying the balmy July evening air as they slowly walked through the market stalls shopping, chatting and generally enjoying themselves.
It was a just another market day in Barga except that this one was slightly different.
It was midnight and this was the Mercato Sotto le stelle – The Market under the Stars. Traffic was backed up down the main road into Barga as people thronged through the streets trying on necklaces, buying hats or shoes or candyfloss and all with an almost full moon up above lighting up the whole busy scene.

Last years midnight market can be seen hereand if anybody missed tonight’s market then the next Market under the Stars for those who still think that shopping IS a leisure activity can be found on the 23rd July, the 30th July and the 6th August.

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