Scacciaguai restaurant expands

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barga-_04096As Barga regenerates, renovates and moves further into the 21st century some changes to the structure and fabric of the city bring out different reactions from different people. Some like the changes and applaud them when they happen, others dislike the “new” and think that they should not have been changed and yet still others who dislike any change, in any direction, at any time. The L’Osteria put up their wooden structure in Piazza Angelio a decade ago to howls of protests, but they went on to show that this was the right way for Barga as people wanted to sit outside and eat and enjoy the piazza passing in front of their eyes. No longer would eating have to be inside closed walls. Other restaurants then followed suit – Altana built theirs and recently in Barga Giardino, the Alpino added to the list of bars and restaurants offering the choice to their clients of being seated inside or out. So this week a new outside eating area was opened in Barga Vecchia. The Scacciaguai restaurant can now offer a couple of shaded tables in the Vicolo del Sole to their clients. There has been some heated polemic concerning the rights and wrongs of blocking up historic passageways with tables and chairs and the possible problem of noise but it has to be said that the deck that has been built is large enough to provide a service, small enough to not be an eyesore and actually, all things considered, does look rather good … don’t you think ?  Please use the comment section below to make your thoughts on this matter known.

The Scacciaguai website is here

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