The legend that was Aristodemo Casciani is no more

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Aristodemo Casciani during this year's Barga in Jazz Festival

The news started to filter through the city just after midday today and by three ‘o clock it was no longer a rumour but was now the truth – Aristodemo Casciani who just recently celebrated his 86th year on the planet, died this morning in Barga hospital.

He was taken to hospital just a week or so ago after a fall during the night and never really recovered since. Today at midday he finally left this world a much poorer place for his passing.

Aristo was the rock on which Barga Vecchia depended upon. His bar was the unofficial cultural centre of Barga.

Aristo has appeared many, many times on barganews – in fact he has his own category here on the site, his own comic strip DA ARISTO here and even a group playing Italian swing from the 30;s, 40’s and 50’s named in his honour – Emma e gli Aristodemo’s here

Click on the link below for a short recording of Aristo playing the bottles in his bar during June 2001


His funeral will be on Wednesday at 3.30 pm at S.Francesco

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R.I.P. … è ovviamente una gran brutta notizia …..

jack nannini
jack nannini

Too shellshocked to formulate a proper eulogy – others more versed in the art will surely make themselves heard in due course. Suffice to say that a significant presence in the life and times of Barga and beyond has come to pass. For better of worse Aristodemo Casciani personally touched the lives of a myriad of people during a lifelong career spanning many decades – he truly was a prime example of that rare entity: someone who made a real difference by just simply being. His many talents, ranging from world class showmanship to his (in)famous sleights of hand when… Read more »

Rory Wilmer

My deepest heart felt condolences. An amazing man, an amazing life. Aristodemo Casciani always made me feel welcome, put a smile on my face and made every trip to Barga a special thing. All our love and thoughts from Liverpool. RIP 🙁


Adios Muchacho…

alessandro rizzardi

Jam Session: “Ehi Duke hai sentito di quello nuovo?” “Si, dice che fa una musica tutta sua…” “perché di te cosa dicevano Miles?” “comunque stasera lo mettiamo subito alla prova alla jam session, ti ci dovresti trovare bene, dice che il suo forte sia la diminuita…” “ma non lo so… e poi non conosco la canzone italiana” “non ti preoccupare, quello le sa tutte… e quelle che non le sa se le inventa lì per lì” “staremo a vedere, lo sai che sono un tipo difficile” A mezzanotte iniziò la session e “quello nuovo” staccò subito “Cielito Lindo” a duecentocinquanta… Read more »

Andrea Guzzoletti

Se n’è andato un musicista, un amante instancabile della musica, una persona gioviale che ha sempre strappato un sorriso a tutti, che ha tenuto compagnia e fatto divertire giovani e meno giovani, che ha unito generazioni diverse, un punto di riferimento per il nostro piccolo Borgo Medioevale, ci mancherai…..Ciao.

nicolao Valiensi

Il tempo spazza via le vite, ci allontana dalla tristezza di un lutto. Aristodemo ha dato si tanta gioia a cosí tante persone, momenti che non trovano riposo che nell’eternitá, È da quando ero un ragazzo che frequento Barga , paese che amo come fosse il mio. Entrare da Aristo e parlare in dialetto Garfagnino, suonare “quelle famose canzoni” che tutti sanno ma che nessuno ricorda piú, bere un bel bicchiere di vino, e poi lamentarsi con lui per il prezzo, tutto ció faceva parte dell’uscita in cittá, nella metropolis, la grande Barga Non c’é dubbio, un “Omo” come si… Read more »


Wow, can any of us hope to leave this earth with as many mourners as Aristo? With as many people telling funny, poignant stories about our lives? With as many people missing us.
Farewell, Aristo.
Our thoughts are with his family and with the larger Aristo’s Bar diaspora.


Dear Aristo,

Just woke up and heard the sad news.
Even if I’ve been away from our Barga for a decade,your presence has always been with me.
Growing up in “bottega’ when Barga was hidden from the world, and L’Aristo was there for only few illuminated.
I keep in my heart evening cultural sessions, filled with music, art, laughter, formaggio, salame and vino, always with you as our maestro.
Your walls filled with postcards from yore friends all over, gave me the inspiration to discover the world and make me the man I’m now.

Rest in peace my friend.



Cheers Aristo we will miss you


Una perdita che lascia senza parole.
Il professore, come lo chiamava lui, è riuscito comunque a trovarne di adeguate: ti pare di vederlo l’Aristo, lassù con la pianola a dare spettacolo in mezzo a tutta quella bella gente…


Last time we saw him was his 85th birthday – you could tell he was getting a bit frail but his eyes still sparkled as he belted out another song in his own unique style.

With respect and condsolences to his family and many friends. We shall toast his passing with a large malt as we look out from the Ayrshire coast across to the Arran hills.

Sempre Aristo…



Buon Viaggio Aristo, travel well!

E’ stato un onore e ispirazione aver condiviso momenti con te e con gli altri amici.

Come dicono qua…Cheers to the good old days!

…and to the Present too!

Richard Burnett

Aristo was just the second person that I met in Barga

I walked into his bar and his welcome helped me in my decision to buy a house nearby

He changed my life for the better, even though he did not realise it.

There are many more like us…..

Ciao Aristo

Richard, Carol and Charlie


After reading the news here, I told Heidi that night at dinner. “But he sang me happy birthday, in French, the first year we went to Barga” Of course he did Heidi, Keane told us that he would often speak to women in French, (sing to them actually) and she was lucky to have him whip the felt cover off his piano and belt out birthday wishes to her (in French). What charm. It was Aristo’s charm that brought me (us) to Barga in the first place, imagine the look on Keane’s face when we bee-lined it to Aristo’s within… Read more »