Keane: Suitcase performance in Barga

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Over the past few years we have published numerous articles about Chairart (articles here) – 20 white chairs and the 20 possibilities to decorate the chairs by 20 different people. Each year the number of participating artists grows and the choice of painted objects expands – last year it was not just chairs but also windows. This year the object is something a little more portable –  it is in fact,  suitcases.

Today in Barga there was a small performance involving a suitcase which went probably unnoticed by most people but with the aid of the internet  it can now reach a wider audience.

For many residents of Barga there is a sound which denotes the arrival of summer.  No, it is not the chirping of the birds or  buzzing of the insects but is instead a far more mundane sound –  is the  unmistakable noise made by suitcases being trundled through the  narrow stone streets of Barga Vecchia.  Those tiny plastic wheels at the bottom of the case in contact with the centuries-old stone  is the sound of visitors newly arriving or departing from the city.

The first person that invents a rubber coated silent wheel for those suitcases will make a fortune.

As a participating artist in chair art 2012 I was presented with my case,  a bright red travel case with a handle at the top of and a couple of those noisy plastic wheels at the bottom so that it could be trundled when too heavy to carry.  The bright red covering  was much too bold until a couple of coats of white paint toned it down to a reasonable level but which left a slight pink tinge showing through which looked disturbingly like human skin.

I decided that my decoration would be charcoal drawings and somewhere in the back of my head I would consider them as a kind of tattoo  on the skin like fabric.


I walked through the city dragging the case and stopping at various places along the way to make a brief sketch of what I saw directly onto the case.


12th August – Chair art – Roccalberti

date to be arranged in Fosciandora

18th – 19th August  – Chair art – Careggine

8th – 14th September – – Chair art – Barga


chairart 2010 | chairart 2011 |



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Giuseppe Luti
Giuseppe Luti

Un “poveraccio” come me, che forse, vorrebbe seguire anche l'”Arte di strada” o l’Arte Moderna fatta con “Performances” sulle strade, e che non è informato adeguatamente, e magari può avere, forse anche in qualche modo legittimamente, delle defaillances (pur mettendoci della buona volontà), non riesce a vedere niente tranne che gli “addetti ai lavori, o qualche papavero che è stato chiamato a dare “un” qualche premio o riconoscimento. Le valigie e le sedie (cosi come gli ombrelli e/o le mutande e quant’altro) sono conoscenze solo per gli addetti ai lavori e di coloro che sanno e seguono le “ouvertures” degli… Read more »