Grizzly and JoZenFeel play Barga Jazz Club

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images from daily life in barga  Geoff Collins-White. and his band played a blinder of a gig this evening at Barga Jazz Club.

A well oiled machine that turned out some classic rock and country rock numbers to bring the Barga Jazz Club season to a fitting end, standing room only and dancing in aisles.

JJ. Cale, Muddy Waters, Eagles, Rolling Stones – all the favourites were there and played with zest and attack.

All the more praiseworthy as at the last moment their bass player, Gino Tonico was unfortunately called away on business just hours before the curtain went up at the Jazz Club and so could not play this evening.

Luckily into the breach stepped another bass player, Giuseppe Venturi who saved the day.

Geoffrey Collins-White – vocals/harp | Luigi Castiello – guitar | Zeno Marchi – guitar | Giuseppe Venturi– bass | Filippo Galli – drums

The surprises were not yet over as Giuseppe was also the bass player for the first public performance of a new trio who we will be hearing a lot from in the future without any shadow of a doubt.


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the JoZenFeel – | Zeno Marchi – guitar | Giuseppe Venturi– bass | Filippo Galli – drums


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