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The Art Cafe in Piazza Angelio opens

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What started out as a one off back in 2007 has now blossomed out into a permanent summer event and a new corner of Barga Vecchia – The Art Cafe – open to the public.

Six years ago it started as “Art at the Osteria” – a season of art on show through the summer at the L’Osteria in Piazza Angelio.

Inside the main sala, paintings by the Barga artist Alba Calamari were on permanent display but added to that was an exhibition of paintings outside the Osteria.

The work on view was only one large oil painting on an easel but that painting was changed daily over the summer giving regular clients of the Osteria a daily glimpse into the artistic thought processes and visual games of another of Barga’s artists – the painter Keane. (his site is here)

Today was the official opening of the Art Cafe – a corner of Piazza Angelio set out with tables and chairs with service from the L’Osteria and this year, a new set of umbrellas equipped with solar panels to power the lights during the evening – that is if Riccardo and his team can work out how to erect and install the equipment.

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