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Joint art – Nazareno Giusti, Pepper Pepper and Keane

three different methods of working, three different mediums and three very different people - one work - a joint venture in the studio in Barga today

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Regular readers might already have noticed the webcam image which appears on the front page of barganews and quite often during the day is changed … so what is going on ?

During the day depends on where you are in the world because quite often during the night as well the webcam image changes.

It is a live webcam which updates every 30 seconds inside Keane’s studio.

Shortly it will be updated and the image will be streaming – live streaming with sound but for the moment it’s just the odd image every 30 seconds.

Anyone who logged into the webcam today would’ve seen some strange things going on because it would appear that there was a crowd of people working inside the studio.

In fact it wasn’t a crowd but it was three different people working in black and white using three different mediums, three different methods of working and three very different images and all on one large canvas.

Nazareno Giusti, Pepper Pepper and Keane were preparing an image to be used on the posters for an upcoming joint exhibition in the USA shortly in the New Year.

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