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Locanda di Mezzo opens in Barga

It has kind of been hidden .... maybe hidden is not the correct word to use, overlooked would probably be more in keeping, but one of the finest piazzas in Barga Vecchia has finally coming to its own and can be seen and enjoyed in all its glory.

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Piazza Annunziata is one of the first piazzas that visitors to Barga come across when coming into the city for the first time but is generally perceived as a kind of transit piazza as people are moving further into the city towards the larger piazzas of Piazza Angelio and Piazza Salvo Santi.

Yesterday evening all that changed as there were people queueing up from the main gate of Porta Reale, all trying to get into the piazza to join in for the grand festa that was taking place to celebrate the opening of a new restaurant with Francesco Piacentini and Giulio Turriani at the helm situated under Palazzo Mordini.

As you can hear in the audioboo below, The Aristodemo’s were there to give their musical touch of authentic Italian swing to the proceedings as a huge crowd of interested people surged into the piazza as The Locanda di Mezzo opened its doors for the first time.


Giulio Turriani speaking (in Italiano) outside his new premises in Barga this morning

There was an added element to the event thanks to the photographer Stefano Tommasi who captured the images of the Aristodemo’s and had them framed and put up on the white walls of the Locanda while the musicians were still playing outside – fast processing or what ?

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