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Villa Libano – Mormorio marmoreo – marble, paintings and musical instruments

the opening evening will include music played on a specially designed marble flute

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The series of Libeccio exhibitions continues later this week with another two artists sharing the Villa Libano and once again there is a distinct connection and subtle dialogue between the work being presented for the first time in both galleries.

Fabrizio Da Prato, originally from this area but now living in Livorno continues with his decades long fascination with the marble quarries and the marks left behind after the extraction of the marble.

In the other gallery, Benvenuto Saba brings to the viewer a series of installations based around his ever precise and evocative photographs matched and intersected by layers of free standing marble.

Along with the visual work comes yet another artistic medium – this time aimed at the ears and brain as the musician Francesco Gatti will be playing on a specially designed marble flute a piece of music entitled ” MARMORIO MARMOREO” composed by Girolamo Deraco.

Girolamo Deraco was born in Cittanova (Reggio Calabria) in 1976. He studied music composition under Maestro Rigacci at the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “L. Boccherini” of Lucca where he won a scholarship and graduated with the highest distinction. He has attended courses and partici¬pated in masterclasses with a number of great international masters, including Andriessen, Corghi, Solbiati, De Pablo, Fedele and Gooch (Truman State University, Missouri, USA). He has been a finalist and the winner of several international composition contests, amongst which the Windstream 2014, the APNM of New York, Anima Mundi and the Bartok¬plusz Miskolci Operafesztivál, where he held two Guinness world records, the first for the shortest opera ever written – 8 seconds – and the second for the opera most played during one single evening – 17 times. He was awarded several scholarships, including the ones by the Accademia Chigiana in 2008, 2009 and 2010 which allowed him to practice under Maestro Corghi, and for which he received certificates of merit. During this time he collaborated on a number of varied compositions, many of which received unilateral acclaim. Since October 2009 he has been Composer in Residence at the Accademia of Montegral under Maestro Kuhn.

Francesco Gatti, nato a La Spezia nel 1995, ha iniziato lo studio del flauto traverso all’età di 11 anni presso la scuola media ad indirizzo musicale “Leonardo da Vinci” di Lucca sotto la guida del Prof. Antonio Barsanti. Dal 2009 frequenta l’Istituto di Alta Formazione Musicale Luigi Boccherini di Lucca sotto la guida prima del M° Massimo Cecchini, poi del M° Lisabeth Friend e attualmente del M° Mario Carbotta. Ha tenuto concerti nell’ambito di numerose manifestazioni musicali ed in diversi teatri e auditorium (Teatro Verdi di Firenze, Ridotto del Teatro Comunale di Firenze, Teatro del Giglio, Auditorium San Romano di Lucca, Teatro “La Pergola” di Firenze, Auditorium “Parco della musica” di Roma) in ambito orchestrale (anche come ottavinista) e solistico. Si è perfezionato sotto maestri di rilevanza internazionale, tra i quali Michele Marasco, Mario Ancillotti, Mario Caroli, Luciano Tristaino, Sophia Lin, Filippo Rogai, Stefano Agostini, Mauro Rossi e Paolo Rossi. Fa parte attualmente dell’ ensemble “Flute Coloreés”, della “Rete regionale flauti Toscana” e dell’Etymos Ensemble sotto la guida del compositore Girolamo Deraco.



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