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Aristo’s Corner Festival: Grizzly

Per la seconda serata dell'Aristo's Corner Festival, si esibiranno i Grizzly: storica band che gioca in casa con un mix di ballad country rock e un sound blues di altri tempi.

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Aristo’s Corner Festival 2016 got off to a great start last week with Michela Lombardi & Ugo Bongianni (article here)

Today is was time to turn up the dial a bit and move into a mix of ballad, country rock and just a touch of blues as Grizzly took the stage in the Piazza Salvo Salvi.

During a break in the evening the Mayor of Barga Marco Bonini was on hand to present this year’s  “Aristo 2016 – La Piazza della Musica” prize to an extremely surprised Geoff from Grizzly who had absolutely no idea that he was even in the running for the award.



Nella solita serata, la consegna del premio “Aristo 2016 – La Piazza della Musica”

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