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L’alcova interior design closing in Barga Vecchia

another shop closing in Barga Vecchia

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The L’alcova interior design and furnishing company who have for a number of years a small exhibition space in Barga Vecchia containing some of their emblematic hand finished furniture and fittings that have made the L’alcova designs highly sought after in Italy and beyond are finally calling it a day and shutting up shop here in Barga.

Recently featured at the Salon del Mobile in Florence and popping up in some of the glossier Milan based fashion magazines, Paolo Caravacci and his handpicked team of designers have been carving out a name for themselves over the last 25 years with simple but very fashionable designs for beds, tables and chairs using natural elements, where the wood is seen as wood and any “imperfections” are actually incorporated into the design.

It has been interesting to see how some of their furniture have been incorporated into local restaurants such as the Altana with the more traditional feel and yet the same design stands perfectly well inside the more modern setting of the Scacciaguai restaurant.

Their website can be seen here


As can be heard in the short telephone interview with Paolo Caravacci recorded this morning, he is not pleased to be leaving the city and would actually like to find another site for his interior design and furnishing studio in Barga Vecchia but for the moment it seems like there is no other choice.

Barga Vecchia at the end of this month becomes a little poorer as yet another business decided that it can no longer stay afloat.

Paolo has announced a grand sale of all of the furniture and objects in L’alcova which will take place on the 7th – 9th April and then again the following week – 14th and 15th April





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