Red telephone box restored in barga – v 3.0

Red telephone box restored in barga

The red telephone box which was a gift to the people of Barga in October of 2008 (article here) from retired fish and chip shop owner Mauro Cecchini – who’s family were originally from Barga but who has been living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland for many years, has been standing proud on the bridge just outside Barga Vecchia – no longer a working telephone box but instead filled with books as a very successful book exchange.


The iconic cast iron red painted box with its distinctive small window design, crown and telephone panel, was the idea of noted architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. He was commissioned to design the box in order to commemorate George V’s Silver Jubilee Year, which heralded a policy to install the so called ‘jubilee kiosks’ into every town or village with a post office. The design, which built upon various prototypes from the 1920s became known as the ‘K6’ and soon became a welcome sight at the roadside across the United Kingdom – more information about the K6 design here


Giles Gilbert Scott’s red telephone kiosk is one of the most beautiful pieces of street furniture ever devised but was starting to show its age.

It has now been restored to its former glory by the sterling work of  the Pro Loco and is once again back in operation as the smallest library in Tuscany.



This morning the ribbon was cut to formally reopen the box to the public and also the fully restored fountain in Parco Kennedy which was installed 50 years ago but for the past couple of decades has been silent and without movement.


This morning the sound of splashing water could be heard right through the park, a fitting tribute to the work of the Pro Loco and the other voluntary organisations who have worked so hard in getting it back working once again.




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