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25th April, Festa at Sommocolonia

The 25th April is the day that Italy commemorates the liberation of the country by Allied troops in the Second World War.

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The celebrations for the 25th April took place not just in Barga (article here) but also included for the seventh year running, “the liberation walk” up to Sommocolonia via the old mule track.


Once again, a  huge participation this year with people almost queing up at one point to go up the track.



25 aprile 2018 Sommocolonia-Barga

#teaser #noeffect Ecco un piccolo video che racconta l'originale appuntamento della festività del 25 aprile. La Passeggiata del mattino partita da Barga a portato i partecipanti a Sommocolonia. Ila dove il piccolo paese è stato teatro di una giornata trascorsa con giochi e amicizia.l'evento è stato promosso da Pro Loco Barga, Associazione Ricreativa Sommocolonia con la collaborazione dell'Arca della Valle e con il patrocinio del Comune di Barga.Buona visione e non dimenticate; LIKE & CONDIVISIONE

Publiée par Gio' Brega sur mercredi 25 avril 2018

video by Gio Brega

A fine day with perfect weather and the perfect place for a picnic and to listen to some music up by the tower in Sommocolonia provided by Geoff Collins-White.

Liberation Day is a national holiday in Italy that is annually celebrated on April 25. It marks the fall of Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic and the end of the Nazi occupation in Italy in 1945, towards the end of the second World War.

The actual date was chosen in 1946, and in most Italian cities, marches and parades are organised to commemorate the event. On 22 April 1946, the Disposizioni in materia di ricorrenze festive (“Provisions on festive occasions”) decree created the national holiday. The bill states that Per celebrare la totale liberazione del territorio italiano, il 25 aprile 1946 è dichiarato festa nazionale (“In celebration of the total liberation of the Italian territory, 25 April 1946 is declared a national holiday”). On 27 May 1949, bill 260 made the anniversary a permanent, annual national holiday.

A wreath was laid at the Fosso and then shortly after another up at Sommocolonia at the Monumento Monticino with the ever present Alpini in attendance.

Additional images from this event by Raffa Ello Lammari, Antonella Martinelli and Caterina Campani





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