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Chairart 2018 in Palazzo Pancrazi

Garfagnana Chairart originated in Fosciandora from within the small village of Treppignana. It was launched in 2010 with the intention of encouraging creative participation locally for artists and also for those who had no previous experience of participation in public art events

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Over the past decade we have published many articles about Chairart (they can be seen here)   – at the very start of the project it was 20 white chairs and 20 possibilities to decorate the chairs by 20 different people.

This year once again, the chairs are back in Barga as this week they have moved to the Palazzo Pancrazi in Barga Vecchia –  (they can be seen on their site here)

Of all the many exhibitions in barga over the last few years the one which consistently has been photographed more often, posted constantly on social networks and talked about generally is ChairArt


Quite often when people walk into a gallery for the first time they fall silent – a bit like entering a church and opinions and discussions are generally kept in subtle and subdued tones and voices. ChairArt is completely different – people voice their opinion straight away without fear.

It is effectively a liberating experience as people can have an opinion about the chairs and don’t have to be an expert in any sense because what they are looking at is basically a chair which has been decorated – it’s very easy to say whether they like it or i’m not.




Chair art previous editions: 201020112012, 2013, 2016, 2017 

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