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Artists in Residence – OXO Gallery – Fabrizio Da Prato

The OXO collection gallery in Barga Vecchia is it not just simply a series of wall spaces for completed work but is also promoting new work which will be exhibited outside of the gallery.

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Part of the gallery space has now been turned over to a series of artist in residence who can experiment and produce work firmly in the public eye thanks to the position of the gallery in the main piazza in Barga Vecchia.

The first artist in residence has been Fabrizio Da Prato who  has been preparing work which will shortly be exhibited in Palermo as part of Palermo Capital of Culture 2018.

He has been painting images on large sheets of paper which will then be assembled and pasted up on two large advertising hoardings, each six metres square in Piazza Tarzanà in Palermo.

Fine art in the place of advertising which will remain for two weeks.

This is the second time that Fabrizio  has worked in this manner  – last year during  Pistoia the Capital of Culture,  he produced 15 paintings in 36 advertising spaces regularly purchased to create an exhibition path in the urban context.






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