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Grizzly + Trevor White play Barga Jazz Club

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Geoff Collins-White – chitarra/voce | Luigi Castiello – chitarra | Adriano Picardi – basso | Keane – percussioni | special Guest: Trevor White – lead guitar

Trevor White was born on October 3rd, 1947 in Leatherhead, England. Trevor White played in a band called The A-Jaes and one day he sold his Gibson SG guitar to a fellow called Marc Bolan who was member of John’s Children.
In 1967, Marc Bolan quit John’s Children and the band tried to get a new line-up together by asking Trevor White to join them as their new guitarist. Trevor White agreed to join the band but before he got a chance to rehearse with them John’s Children had already broken up.
Then Trevor White met singer and guitarist Ian “Ralf” Kimmet and they spent some months in Ian’s native Jedburgh, Scotland, fulfilling a long cherished desire to “write some songs”, and put a band together. With Kimmet’s pal bassist Ian Hampton from Edinburgh and with the addition of drummer Chris Townson (ex-John’s Children) they put Jook together.
The band was managed by John Hewlett (ex-John’s Children too). John Hewlett secured a record deal with RCA and a publishing contract with producer Mickie Most.
Meanwhile, together with manager John Hewlett, Ron and Russell Mael were looking everywhere in England for potential recruits…

The Maels liked Jook and an idea of merging the two bands was proposed. Jook’s own future at that point looked promising and even Sparks were a great group when it came to it the boys felt so bad about breaking up the little family they’d been in for a couple of years.
Jook with Trevor White released five powerful singles which are now rightly regarded as classics of British Glam-Punk-Rock-Pop music. But Jook records were relative flops at time and on the other hand Sparks had become top stars in England with the release of “Kimono My House” Lp. As the chemistry between the Maels and bassist Martin Gordon wasn’t working well Ian Hampton replaced Martin Gordon in the band. Soon Trevor White was also recruited and Jook died. (full article here)

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