Violent storm and flooding overnight – v 3.0

Violent storm and flooding overnight

A difficult 24 hours for the residents in this area as a violent storm swept through the area last night leaving a trial of damage which will take sometime to clear up.

From 6 pm onwards for nearly two hour, 130 mm of rain fell, with at one point, an incredible 21 mm falling in just 15 minutes.

Extensive flooding in many places with many roads being blocked by landslides.

Damage in Barga Vecchia to part of the sustaining wall of the Duomo close to the municipal museum.

The force of the water bursting through the wall left a trail of rocks right through part of Barga Vecchia all the way down to Porta Macchaia

The comune estimates they they will need a million euros to remedy the huge damage to roads, monuments, parks and other public structures, caused by the storm

Extensive flooding also in Parco Kennedy and Parco Buozzi with once again the force of the water gauging out large areas of earth threatening part of the foundations of the old bridge into the new town.

During this storm, power went off intermittently in parts of the city and Internet was only restored later on this afternoon.

Workers have been working clearing up some of the damage and inspecting suspected flooding in some cantinas.

Il nostro territorio è stato duramente colpito comprese le bellezze architettoniche, da questa notte e per tutta la giornata le ditte sono a lavoro per liberare le strade e metterle in sicurezza ed i vigili del fuoco per liberare le abitazioni dall’acqua. – Caterina Campani