The AristoEmporium opens its doors to the public – v 3.0

The AristoEmporium opens its doors to the public

Encouraging signs in Barga as we enter the second year of the pandemic with up until now many shops and businesses being closed shut or even closing down for good.

This morning there are more positive movements and signs about as a completely new business venture opened up in Barga Vecchia.

The Togneri family, who run the famous Da Aristo’s bar opened up almost along side another business – The AristoEmporium

What was once a hardware store, then a studio and occasionally a clothes store has now been well restored and kept in harmony with the Florentine style of BargaVecchia.

Local crafts,  cheese from the Giordano Bonaccorsi’s goat farm and selection of products from the “Basket of Barga”, the products  guaranteed by a group of farms present in the Barga area, will be on sale in the shop.

They will be sharing the space inside with the second half of the AristoEmporium which is given over to antiques and vintage goods studiously collected and displayed by Franco Marasa.

Some local artists are also displaying their paintings and sculptures in the Emporium.