San Cristoforo 2021 – v 3.0

San Cristoforo 2021

Normally celebrations for St Christopher the Patron Saint of Barga which started with the “San Cristoforo d’oro”awards ceremony earlier this afternoon, would continue  into the evening  with a long torchlight procession through the streets of Barga up to the Duomo.

The Covid19 restrictions has meant that this procession which had been taking place for many years, could not take place    but a religious ceremony did take place inside the Duomo with the blessing of San Cristoforo in the Duomo presided over by the Arcivescovo di Pisa Mons. Giovanni Paolo Benotto. as the bells ring out over the city ( the bells ringers of Barga now have a new site – here )

There followed an organ recital with 4 different musicians.


The blessing of San Cristoforo read by the Mayor of Barga – Caterina Campari


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