Sacro Cuore Oratorio opened by Archbishop Benotto – v 3.0

Sacro Cuore Oratorio opened by Archbishop Benotto

The cost was high – almost 650,000 euros, much of which was a substantial contribution from the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation without which this project would never have taken place, with the rest covered by the diocesan Caritas through the Conferenza Episcopale.

But this afternoon the complete renovation and substantial expansion of the complex of the Sacro Cuore Oratorio was opened to the public with a ceremony  led by the Archbishop of the Diocese of Pisa,  Msgr. Giovanni Paolo Benotto who, right from the start, when the idea was proposed by the Pastoral Unit of Barga, embraced the initiative and allowed it to be financed for around 150,000 euros by Caritas.

A radical and important intervention that made it possible to recover a place to which those who have lived the history of Barga from the post-war period to today cannot help but feel connected.