Vespas and Lambretta Scooters – Edinburgh to Barga – v 3.0

Vespas and Lambretta Scooters – Edinburgh to Barga

 Raymond Douglas |Renato Lucchesi | Gary McCaw |  Eddie Gallagher | Steven Wilson |

Four friends from Edinburgh, Scotland left their homes on the 25th June mounted on three Vespas and one Lambretta scooters.

It took then six days of riding but today they rode triumphantly into Barga.



Renato Lucchesi who has family from Barga (Piacentini) has just accomplished what he said today was his life dream of making and succeeding with that trip.

They intrepid four where met this afternoon In Barga Giardino by members of the Barga Vespa Club.


A mention needs to be made for Steven Wilson who endured tiny streets and chaotic cities in their support vehicle.

Without him following behind the four on the scooters –  the trip would have been almost impossible.