The Aristodemos play Le Prade Garfagnine – v 3.0

The Aristodemos play Le Prade Garfagnine

Le Prade up on the mountain in the Comune of Fosciandora was the cool location for a concert by the Aristodemos to celebrate the Festa dei Pastori.

The weather still managed to play an important part in the days proceedings as although further down the valley temperatures were in the mid to high 30’s – up on the mountain it was much cooler but with the added problem of high winds.

At one point a gust of high wind blew down most of the Aristodemos equipment but they did not let that stop from playing – they righted their speakers and mixer and carried on.

On Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August in Le Prade Garfagnine, in the Comune of Fosciandora (LU), the Feast of the Shepherds will be held. For two days in this part of the Garfagnana you can stay in contact with nature and eat local specialties.

The program of the Feast of the Shepherds includes some moments of sharing and good food. The two days will begin on Saturday at 7:30 pm with an aperitif under the chestnuts accompanied by the music of the Aristodemos. Sunday after the 9:00 am gathering, mass will be held at 11:00, followed at 12:30 by a lunch based on typical products.

The Feast of the Shepherds is organized by the ASD of Fosciandora in collaboration with the Comun.

Le Prade Garfagnine is located about half an hour by car from the hamlet of La Villa, on the border with the province of Modena and at about 1000 meters above sea level.

The Aristodemo’s are: Andrea Gonnella (Vocals), Keane (percussioni / percussion), Alessandro Rizzardi (Mandolino / Mandolin and Sax), Fabio Guazzelli (chitarra / guitar), Leo Gnesi on *double–bass

And after a gap of a few years  – the full sound of the accordion, is once more to be heard from the group with the arrival of Francesco Massagli and his swing fisarmonica.



The band came together in the winter of 2009 when local musicians Alessandro Rizzardi (mandolino), Keane (Percussioni), Fabio Guazelli (chitarra), Leo Gnesi (contro bass), and Andrea Gonnella (cantante) found each other in Aristo’s enoteca, with instruments in hand, and exciting ideas in mind and of course, passion in heart.

Focusing mainly on forgotten swing Italiano from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, The Aristodemos welcome you to jump back in time and into their salotto. You may also hear something contemporary swung into Aristo gear.

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