Premio San Domenico 2023 – Graziella Cosimini – v 3.0

Premio San Domenico 2023 – Graziella Cosimini

The 2023 San Domenico Award was presented this afternoon by the Gruppo per la tutela di Nebbiana, Nebbianella e Val di Lago to Graziella Cosimini, for her dedication to promoting Barghigian culture and Pascolian poetry.

The all-female jury unanimously recognised her merit in elevating the beauty of Barga, its people, and traditions through her writings and love for the community.

Graziella is celebrated for her initiatives fostering local culture, including the “Memoria di Barga” event and her impact on generations beyond the classroom.

Her innate elegance, intelligence, and ability to observe, understand, and narrate life’s nuances make her one of the most significant female figures in Barghigian history.