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Lake Angels walk to Lago Santo

.... with a strategically placed image of the Biroldo from Barga to keep them company

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

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So the earth spins round the sun, the seasons change and certain traditions once more are kept. One of the once yearly appointments which a group of people look forward to with a healthy mixture of trepidation and anticipation is the annual trek across the mountains out of Tuscany and into Reggio Emilio – the Lake Angels Lago Santo outing.

Once a year a group of young (and not so young) men of Barga leave their respective partners and trek over the mountain out of Tuscany into Reggio Emilia to spend a night at Lago Santo. The Lake Angels are on the prowl.

To get an idea of just what a Lake Angels outing is all about … have a read of Rupert’s article (here) written way back on 2002

This morning they met outside Da Aristo bar in Barga Vecchia with temperatures already up to 36 degrees in the shade, large quantity of beer where already being consumed as they prepared for their walk across the mountains.

images from barga (LU) Italy

the biroldo paintings

This year they carried with them a strategically  placed image of the Biroldo from Barga printed on their t-shirts  as the #loveproject continues to be on the move, this time into Reggio Emilia.

The last time the Lake Angels had an image from Keane on their T-shirts was way back in 2003 when he was more interested in umbrellas images rather than cooked meat.

Those umbrellas T-shirts can be seen here : 2003

The Love Project in the cradle of the Renaissance – The plan, says Keane, is to “place two paintings from each of us in five of the most important piazzas of Tuscany’s five most important cities: Florence, Siena, Livorno, Pisa and Lucca. Anyone who wants them can take them away, at no cost. Absolutely free.”


Lago Santo | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2007 |  2008 |

All of the Lake Angels articles over the years on barganews can be see here


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