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JoZenFeel play their last concert?

The JoZenFeel – | Zeno Marchi – guitar | Giuseppe Venturi – bass | Filippo Galli – drums

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

images from barga (LU) Italy

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Back in May 2013 the Barga public got their first glimpse of a new group – JoZenFeel.

Their name was based on the three members: JO – Giuseppe Venturi, ZEN – Zeno Marchi, FEEL – Filippo Galli

We wrote then ” ….  the first public performance of a new trio who we will be hearing a lot from in the future without any shadow of a doubt.” and how right we were.

Over the next 2 years the band went from strength to strength and here on this site we have been following them all along the way as can be seen by the many articles that we have published over the past 24 months concerning the group.

Tonight comes news that maybe, just maybe that surge of energy has come to the end of the road.

The Irish Pub on the fosso was packed out this evening with fans of the band and the main topic of conversation was  ….. had they just watched the very last JoZenFeel concert?


“Non vi dirò non piangete.. perché non tutte le lacrime sono un male”
Ci siamo, è arrivato il momento: questa è una serata particolare perché poi non ci vedrete per un po’.
Questo non è un addio. Noi saremo lì, nascosti nell’ombra del tempo ad organizzare il futuro del pianeta; con questa serata vi salutiamo e vi diciamo “preparatevi per il nostro ritorno”!

A quick word with the members of the band finally sorted out what the mystery was all about.

Filippo Galli, the dynamic and very creative drummer is moving to London for the next 12 months to continue his studies at the Drum Institute in  Kilburn.

Yes, he will back back in Barga briefly at Christmas time but for the rest of the band members they will have to be on hold for the next 12 months until Filippo is able to play once more with the band.


For those not able to be present at tonights event, it was also noted that the complete concert was being recorded – maybe there is a live CD in the offing?


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