Chairs and flowers in Barga Vecchia – v 3.0

Chairs and flowers in Barga Vecchia

Over the past few months there has been the sound of a high pressure water gun at work in Barga Vecchia as Trento, the only male in an otherwise all female group of volunteers have been steadily cleaning up large parts of the city.

They have planted new flowers and shrubs in the gardens above the Museo Stanze delle Memoria and then moved further down the piazza, cleaning the road in front of Palazzo Pancrazi and some of the stone steps leading up to the Duomo.

Oggi sverniciatura e tinteggiatura pilastri e fontana con Elena Carmela e Trento UNICO uomo fra le donne di Barga per Barga (da lodare) avanti cosi’ – Erina Rossi

The group then moved outside of Barga Vecchia and started work on cleaning the area around the Red Telephone Box by the bridge and down in Parco Kennedy (article here)

This week they then moved on to the next phase of the project and started work in some of the lesser well known alley ways and narrow streets in the city using recuperated chairs and flowers

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