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Oxo Collection – Luigi Paolini – Wood spirits

Opening 05-15-2019 from 6:30 p.m - Special Event 05-18-2019 from 6:30 p.m.

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OXO Collection – the gallery – Barga (Lu)

“Veins and Fingers and Noses endow the Dried Woods, vivifying ancient Spirits and their Dwellings, among the Ancestral tales of the Woods ”
(OC *)

Luigi Paolini was born in Barga in May 1964, he attended the Art Institute of Lucca and subsequently he devoted 8 years to the restoration of furniture and antiques. For the past 30 years he has been working as a health worker at the local USL.
From a young age his attention to art was strong, but only for about the last 20 years has sculpture become more and more the fulcrum of his artistic attention. A sculpture also designed as a relief valve for tensions and stress, something that is often found in his works.

His studio is located at his home in Gromignana, a small town in the municipality of Coreglia Antelminelli, where he works and carves wood and stone; materials he
researches and finds in the area.

In recent years Paolini has concentrated his work mainly on wood, a material dear to the artist. In fact, many of his works refer to the stories and legends of the woods and of the Garfagnana mountains, and his pieces are made using essences found in the area, such as olive, oak, chestnut, various fruit trees, or particular woods such as the Common Laburnum and Cedar.
An artist, as can be seen, firmly linked to his territory and the popular culture. In fact, in recent years his site-specific works have become increasingly famous, visible in various areas of the Garfagnana and Barga areas, depicting figures taken from mountain legends.

Some of these works are visible in the Park of Pruno-Corfino, Church of San Luigi-
Fabbriche di Vergemoli, Loc. Pegnana- Barga, Loc. Colle Fobia- Barga, Loc. Gemina-

2003 – “Sculptures” – Paolini / Zuffardini- Barga.
2006 – Contemporary Art Collective ” Finche’ la barca va” – Loc. La Barca (LU).
2011 – “ChairArt” – Garfagnana.
2012 – Personal exhibition “La Montagna Racconta” – Municipal Gallery of Barga.
2013 – Collective Art @ enojazz -Villa Libano- Barga.
2015 – Personal ” La Montagna racconta …” – Renaissance Tuscany the Ciocco Resort- Castelvecchio Pascoli.
2016 – Collective “In Contemporanea Porcari” – Porcari.
2018 – Collective – OXO Collection – The Gallery – Barga.

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